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воскресенье, 8 декабря 2019 г.

advertising your business on the Internet in RUSSIA
You are a person and / or company that needs to get customers, business partners, referrals, distributors or just buyers of goods and services. Here are links to sites that do this:
Important! Open links in a new tab.

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To add a new advertising campaign, you need to go to Your sites page and open the window to add a new advertising campaign.
Add advertising campaign
In the window that appears, select the type of promotion (see Type of promotion), enter the address of the site (individual pages), which is going to promote, specify the number of visits per day, the method of distribution of traffic, and save said data in the new advertising campaign.
Window for adding a new advertising campaign

 1. l i n k
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You can sell your digital goods,
by connecting to the payment only this service.

Built-in affiliate program.

Instant payments to Cards, Yandex, Qiwi, Payeer, Okpay.

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just by posting a link on your
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 Site promotion. Acceptance of orders for placement of crowd links. HERE!
I will place crowd-links in posts and messages on forums, signatures and system of questions and answers Mail.ru. we will agree on the price and terms in personal messages. Experience, knowledge, base forums, honesty and decency mean. Contact us here:

Since we are a posting exchange, there are no fixed prices, the higher the price you specify for the task, the more attractive the order will be for the performers and the more willing and faster they will fulfill it.
At the moment the minimum recommended prices are as follows:

l i n k
If you are willing to pay for the service you ordered to perform a certain work, then THIS! the site will definitely suit you. Small and large orders are carried out efficiently for very little money.

 l i n k !
1. Promotion on the forums

    Create a new topic on the forum.(can be ordered with your own text and unique text forumchanin) - 30 p
    To support the existing thread in the forum (regular posts) - 20 R.
    Write a review in the topic. (post with review) - from 30 p.
    Hidden PR in the existing topic. (post on forum) - from 30 the.
    AP topics - a question or General answer on the topic of the topic.(post on forum) - from 20 the.

2. Advertising on Twitter:
In service Forums all Twitter accounts are divided into 3 groups, i.e. each account is assigned a rating of 1-3 birds. Prices start from 2 p. per tweet.
3. Advertising in Vkontakte:

    Join a group, subscribe to the public-from 3 p.
    Subscription + repost-from 5 p.
    I like (hearts) / repost on the wall-from 3 p.
    Write a unique comment 150-200 characters-from 10 p.
    Any type of job-from 5 p.

4. Facebook ads:

    To join the group (like the page) - from 3 p.
    Repost on the wall-from 3 p.
    Subscribe + repost-from 5 p.
    Unique comment to the post 150-200 characters-from 10 p.
    I like (likes) + Publish on Facebook - you can raise the rating of posts on sites (buying likes), comments, etc. - from 3 p.
    Creating a survey with answers in the user's Facebook account-from 7 p.
    An arbitrary type of the task - in your own words can you describe what is required from the contractor, from 5 p.

5. Advertising in groups Vkontakte, Facebook, My мир@mail.ru:
Prices strongly depend on the quality of the group, you need to negotiate with each specific owner of the group, but the recommended minimum prices are as follows:

    Message from behalf of groups/moderator in tape - from 5 the.
    Placing links in the block "links" - from 10 p.
    Placement of the application in a group-from 15 p.
    Placement of the banner in the group cap-from 15 p.
    Placement of the text in the group header-from 15 p.
    Adding media content-from 10 p.

6. Promotion of videos, YouTube channels:

    Subscribe to the channel (+view) - from 3 p.
    Rate video, like, dislike (+view) - from 3 p.
    Unique comment to the video (+view) - from 5 p.
    Download roller on the channel - from 10 p(envy of the size)

Note: these prices are indicative, everyone can set their own prices for the performance of tasks.

LINK-order unique content on the largest exchange of copywriting Advego: texts for online stores, news, information and promotional articles. Buy ready-made author's articles with photos in the store. Check the uniqueness of anti-plagiarism for free on copy-paste and rewriting, evaluate the quality of texts with the help of free SEO-analysis and spell-checking. Work on the Internet remotely-copywriter, commentator, rewriter, translator, author of articles.

l i n k
Promote your projects
efficient and fast

    Reposts and likes
    Transitions and
    on web sites
    Joining the group
    and public
    Writing reviews,
    comments and
    with hidden advertising
    in the popular
    public page
    Advertising from bloggers
    and stars

Do you have another task?
 Everything is doable!

l i n k ! - Advertiser:

White promotion of sites with the help of high-quality non-search traffic from thematic forums (SEM). At its core, the system is designed not for SEO specialists, but for Internet marketers.

* The site allows you to conduct effective advertising and PR campaigns on the Internet.
* Placed advertising information is Advisory, not Intrusive.
* Work in accordance with the license agreements of search engines.
* You get real visitors and customers to your site!
* Low system Commission (15%).

l i n k
freelancing in a new way
Each of us from time to time uses the services of freelancers. We do this to get the job done: quickly and well. We strive to bring the idea of convenience and speed of freelancing to perfection.
We believe that:
Freelancing should be simple and clear. Therefore, here to make an order is as simple as putting the goods in the basket. No long and tedious negotiations with the performers. Found the right service, click "Order" and wait for the result.
Freelancing should save time, not take it away. The site welcomes fast and responsible freelancers, displaying their services above others. And the services of irresponsible performers are hidden from the catalog.
Freelancing should be safe. How disappointing it is when a freelancer, taking an advance payment, disappears into oblivion. Personal time is spent, money is lost and terms are broken. Therefore, you can immediately return the funds in case of delay.
Life is beautiful, and each of us has so much to do. I want to breathe deeply. To do this, we try to create comfort and convenience around us. And in everything: in their clothes, at home and at work, as well as in their Affairs. Freelancing is no exception.

For the advertiser it is only the target audience and potential partners
Expand the range of business contacts, including entrepreneurs of Russia and CIS countries
Help to promote personal brand, increase brand awareness
Earn in the affiliate program and get real money for completing tasks.
Thousands of people will see your ads. You are interested in them and they are interested in You
High-quality promotion of your idea without wasting time searching and filtering target contacts.
Withdrawal of earned money in any convenient way to (VISA, MasterCard, Yandeksdengi).
The service will help you find interested partners and customers in your business

l i n k !
 This is a unique advertising platform that allows you to broadcast your ads directly to the browsers of potential customers, as well as add tasks for a more thorough acquaintance with your products or services.
Banner ads are displayed through an extension installed in the browser and shown on all sites that the user visits.
People install the SurfEarner extension in their browsers to watch your ads - because they get paid for It!
Just add your ad or banner to the rotation and it will be instantly seen by thousands of potential customers!
Or add a task that will further engage users in your product.We will show your ads to thousands of users
right in their browsers! Whatever sites they are on...Ads are displayed through an extension installed in the browser and shown on all sites that the user visits.
Create your ad, set up filters for your target audience, and choose your display strategy.

L I N K -Advertisers

Cheat likes and followers
these are simple tools for advertising
social media and flexibility
how to set up advertising tasks

Flexible customization of each order
Wide audience coverage
Order control panel
Special conditions for agencies
Automatic order control
Best wholesale deals
cheat votes, likes, shackles, increase the number of friends and subscribers.

Increase site traffic, number of views, likes, friends, group members, etc.

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Our service will allow you to quickly raise the attendance of your site, promote your project, recruit referrals to other projects. Only live traffic, extensive targeting opportunities. Fast and high-quality execution of your orders.

    Traffic to your website
High-quality live traffic, protection from bots. Targeting by gender, age, countries.         Tasks
Create any tasks: clicks, registrations, actions on your site. Fast quality execution.
    To gain referrals
Thanks to the tasks and the purchase of traffic, you can easily and quickly recruit referrals for any project.         Contextual advertising
High-quality contextual advertising. Protection from bots. Only the target clicks.
    YouTube Promotion
Followers, likes. Wide targeting. Smooth distribution of performances in time